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I've struggled to find more ways to help amplify the voices of the oppressed. I've donated, marched, read, re-read and every day ask myself, what more can I do? I haven't been able to pour lollipops for a while. Simply put, I don't make candies when I'm sad, I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but I truly believe that the joy I pour into my little craft will be transferred to the person enjoying it. While this is no time for joy, happiness or enjoyment, I must lean into what I'm good at and hope that it will help the oppressed people of Palestine in some small, but meaningful way. 

Paying tribute to the strength of the Palestinian people and acknowledging the horrific tragedy of occupation, this collection that I've created pays homage to the rich and diverse fruits that once flourished in the land of the Palestinian people; symbolizing the enduring spirit of a people who have faced unwavering resolve and unimaginable travesty of justice. 

My hope is to spread awareness of the cultural heritage and resilience of a people who have suffered immensely by the hands of the Israeli apartheid state. I will not keep a single penny from this collection and will not limit how many orders I can handle. What does this mean? I'll pour until the very last order is received. 

100% of the proceed from this collection will be split towards Save the Children in Gaza and the West Bank and Doctors without Borders

Honouring the fruits of Palestine, each collection will include 6 lollipops with the following flavour:

* Sweet watermelon: The watermelon is perhaps the most iconic fruit to represent Palestine. Grown across Palestine, from Jenin to Gaza, the fruit shares the same colours as the Palestinian flag – red, green, white and black – so it’s used to protest against Israel’s suppression of Palestinian flags and identity

* Prickly pear: One of the treasures of the land of Palestine. The plant itself is rugged, versatile and uniquely pretty while its fruit are delicate and succulent! In Arabic, they’re called Sabr صبر which means patience; a core value held by the people there. It describes their resilience and adaptation since 1948

* White Grape: Grapes, after olives, are the second-most cultivated fruit crop in Palestine. Palestinian food festivals, such as the Annual Grape Festival, were not only to promote and support the product and workers of the specific season, but to serve as an act of resilience towards what Palestinians face on a day to day basis

* Sweet Orange: The Jaffa orange, which originated in the 19th century, gained prominence for its sweetness and thick, easy-to-peel skin, which made it well-suited for shipping. Before the Nakba, or catastrophe, of 1948 when the creation of Israel led to the expulsion of more than 750,000 Palestinians from villages and towns that their ancestors had lived in for centuries, Jaffa oranges were an important export for Palestinian farmers and businessmen. Because of their prominence, the oranges also became a symbol of national identity in literature and art. Palestinian novelist and journalist Ghassan Kanafani used oranges to symbolise loss in his 1958 short story about the Nakba, called The Land of Sad Oranges

* Sweet Fig: Figs were one of the oldest fruit trees known to Palestinian people and cultivated by them. The fig tree could survive under all environmental conditions and lives in all kinds of soils; sand, mud, and even rock. Devastatingly, it is the brutality by the hands of the israeli apartheid state that they cannot withstand

* Pomegranate: Palestinian neighborhoods once flourished with pomegranate trees and are integral to Palestinian eating. They are regarded across the Middle East as a symbol of abundance and prosperity

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Cane sugar, corn syrup, water, citric acid crystals, candy flavouring & food colouring/gel.



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